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We’re Creating Better Business

Founded in 2006, we have been supporting IT firms largely across Kent but also in London and the South East since ever since, yet we have changed enormously in that time. Today, we describe ourselves as a connected technologies business, and we are an intrinsic part of wider communications company, Think One.

Creating better business is the shared mission across all Think One businesses. As as one communications company we can connect with the other group businesses, including; Think Studio (brand marketing agency), Think Digital (digital transformation) and Think Compel (business consulting).

As our business has grown, we have naturally been creating better business for ourselves. What began as a supportive business line to our agency clients is now able to offer an entirely different and expanded proposition from managed IT, to cloud services, to remote working, to security products and compliance services. We are supporting hundreds of customers, some shared within Think One but also many exclusively, and of all diverse backgrounds, varying sizes and ranging prominence.

In that time, we have also invested in, built out and scaled our own fibre and hosting infrastructure, the Think Cloud. As a result, today we are delivering enterprise level data hosting and connectivity solutions to firms both across the region, but also to those engaged with us through our retail hosting arm, CloudSpace, which serves enterprises from over 50 countries.

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Our Service Pillars

Our unique approach and forward-thinking translates to our commitment to your performance, security, resilience and compliance plans. The way we address these we refer to as our ‘service pillars’, knowing that by ensuring each of these are met with the best strategy possible, you can be confident in achieving outstanding outcomes from your IT:


Find out how boosting your performance can deliver accessibility, scalability and team productivity rewards.

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Find out how protecting your business from cyber threats, data breaches and vulnerabilities can prevent disaster.

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Find out how reinforcing your business to maximise uptime will ensure continuity when it matters.

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Find out how strengthening your regulatory, contractual and legal obligations can prevent investigations and fines.

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Always Here, Always Ready

It is with great pride that we are able to be always here, always ready to support each of our client partners’ needs, no matter if they are an exciting start-up or ambitious corporate. Our goals, in creating better business for our client partners, is to achieve better digital futures.

This is, we believe, the major advantage of contracting your IT support to Think Connect, although it goes beyond just benefitting from 24/7/365 support.

Contracting Think Connect means you can focus on core objectives and free up your team to focus on the roles they were recruited to do. It is also not only our rates which are low, but it is the added value from being able to call on us instantly for assistance, advice or implementation from our complete managed IT, voice & data, cloud services, remote working and security and compliance products and services.

About Think One

Think One is a communications company born from the simple idea of creating better business, in turn creating better futures. By being part of an integrated communications company we can offer complimentary media and marketing services, making us your one communications partner.

Uniquely, we have invested in our communications company in different ways to others, with a strategy to establish competitive advantages through our people, infrastructure and technology.

We see ourselves as a new breed in communications – forward thinking, connected, creative and committed to creating better business for our client partners and ourselves.

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Helping you make informed choices to keep your business, and team productive, and also your data safe from new threats.

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Tools, tips and apps about desktop and remote working, plus some cool ‘desk-stopping’ stuff.

Helping you make informed choices to keep your business, and team productive, and also your data safe from new threats.
Tools, tips and apps about desktop and remote working, plus some cool ‘desk-stopping’ stuff.